MINTS supply grows 15x slower by percentage than Bitcoin and Curve in the 1st 6 months.
Those coins use constant emissions which means 180x supply grows from day 1 to day 180.
MINTS, by contrast, grows only 12x by that time, using 14% per week, decaying at 2% per week.
The APY is also targeted to only core pools at first such as MINTS / ETH USDC / USDT This way, if MINTS holders are in both pools, then can get & earn from all emissions by adding Liquidity to both of these pools.


(14% per week, decays at 2% per week, stops when ~1% per year)
33% Fully DAO controlled pools via gauge
33% Core DEX Pools, DAO directed (with team oversight, at first)
22% community, marketing, dev & partnerships, all burned 6 months
6% seeders max, all burned for first 6 months
6% team max, all burned for first 6 months


DeFi 3.0 Instead of downward price pressure from treasury building (as in DeFi 2.0 bonds), DeFi 3.0, FETCH increases MINTS price with every buy.


MINTS price & supply grows as people buy via Fetch Bonus, but these MINTS are locked. The team earns from these sales, so they're incentivized to not dump tokens.
While Fetch may increase supply, burns from ENS, NFT, and other revenue may decrease it.
From every ETH used to buy MINTS via Fetch
33% buys from DEX. This increases the price. +67% is minted & locked for the buyer.
33% goes to treasury (pools).
22% to community, dev, marketing and partnerships
6% seeders max
6% team max

Aligned Incentives

As the team gets 0 tokens for 6 months, they have nothing to dump.
All tokens before 6 months are burned.
They receive their first token after that.
Team is incentivized to keep prices & buy-volume high as it earns from Fetch Bonus buys.