High Stables APY

Minty has low slippage stable pools using Solidly audited contracts.
Users can earn APY in USDC/USDT pools. Learn how in DeFi 3.0 Total pools emissions will be 14% per week (decaying 2%/week).
This is the same as 91,000% APY, compounded. Most of the emissions will go to pools with MINTS in them.
Still, high APY will be available to pools like USDC/USDT - stable pools.
This 14% weekly inflation is 15x slower than Bitcoin and Curve (constant emissions model, with some decay) by month 6. The constant emissions model inflates 180x from day 1 to day 180. By contrast, MINTS only inflates about 12x in that time, or about 15x slower.
Minty also concentrates these APY emissions to only a few core pools so that typical users benefit from the high APY, and don't lose it via dispersion.
With that said, other pools can be voted for, as in the famed Curve & Convex "protocol wars"