MINTS emissions voting

Like in Curve & Convex, users can vote and earn bribes by voting where 40% of the 14% weekly emissions APY will go. Every 1 MINTS of emissions requires Voting Power for 10 MINTS locked for 4 years. This way, APY spreading to other pools also benefits MINTS holders.
Minty has both voting & bribing, so, like Solidly, it combines Curve & Convex.
It also enables voting on treasury itself. MintyDAO therefore goes much father than Solidly, which doesn't even have treasury, let alone onchain contract-controlled via vote & bribe treasury, which gives further value to MINTS.
Weekly emissions is scheduled onchain automatically using Chainlink Keepers contracts, and this will be announced by Chainlink marketing as an integration, scheduled for Oct 6 2022.