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MintyDAO Overview

The next NFT, ENS & DeFi protocol.

Executive Summary

MintyDAO is launching the next NFT, ENS & DeFi protocol stack.
MINTS token lockers earn from all Minty NFTs & domains transfer and other Minty dapps.
  • New NFT platform:
    • ​Problem: NFT fees circumvention breaks project/holder incentives alignment.
    • Solution: 0xfoobar's Proposal - MINTS royalties via Harberger Fees.
  • New Minty domain system (competes with ENS in an open ecosystem):
    • Problem: as Vitalik implied, the old ENS system is un-fixably broken in that it already sold its best domains to squatters, which provide much negative value.
      • New Minty domains don't need immediate integration to dapps to have value.
      • Trading value will grow first, as MINT holders get & trade desirable domain names.
  • ​DeFi dapps: DEX, DAO emissions & treasury building & voting via "Fetch Bonus"
    • ETH collateral USD

Roadmap Status

Live Now:
1. DEX & DeFi: Minty greatly expanded from a Solidly fork (Andre Cronje's DEX) on ETH.
A. Solidly DEX pools with low slippage. Get tokens ahead of APY start via DeFi 3.0.
B. Novel price-increasing onchain treasury-building system with launch-time Fetch Bonus.
C. Team starts with 0 tokens. Can't dump or rug. Earns from token sales lock Fetch Bonus sales.
D. Earn from emissions voting & bribing. I.e. protocol wars.
E. Minty pools use the same safe & time tested Solidly audited code.
F. Concentrated APY at 14%/week emissions with 2%/week decay.
G. 15x Slower inflation than Bitcoin & Curve in the first 6 months.
Short Term - Launch Targets in Oct, Nov & Dec 2022:
2. DEX Bets. Augur style bet options, but open to anyone & settled by DEX, Oct 2022
3. NFT royalties via Harberger Tax. First collections scheduled for Nov 2022
3. Vitalik's ENS fix-proposal: recurring demand-based fees to reduce domain squatting, Dec 2022
Longer Term Roadmap - after Dec 2022 (DAO can vote on priorities):
5. Treasury voting & bribing. I.e., a much bigger protocol war.
6. Launchpad with access to Minty's growing partners' user-base.
7. Platform as a Service: provide Fetch & DAO treasury voting for other token projects.
8. NFT Gamification - e.g. card games and more, for any NFT collection.
9. Minty Worlds: protocol wars for game economies - vote with MINTS & earn 3rd party assets.
10. Minty Chains: Minty Worlds can move treasuries to their own ZKR L2s, when available.
11. Minty Socials: Social network dapps will have rev share & tokenized content creators.

DeFi 3.0

Minty adds its own innovative treasury (controlled by contracts).

Fetch Bonus

This treasury grows along with price & supply with every token purchased via Fetch Bonus.

Stables APY

Concentrated emissions to core pools help ensure Liquidity Providers earn well with low inflation.


Minty will launch popular fix proposals to ENS & NFT to remove squatters & improve artist incentive alignments.

Vitalik's ENS Fix Proposal

Minty will launch Vitalik's proposal to fix ENS with recurring demand based pricing to reduce the damage done by purely negative-value domain squatters. Launch target by Nov 2022.

0xfoobar's NFT Royalties Fix

Minty will launch an NFT royalties fix that aligns artist incentive using 0xfoobar's popular Harberger Fees proposal in a way that doesn't interrupt OS or SudoSwap, and can't be bypassed by wrapped NFTs, or in any way. Launch target by Nov 2022.


MINTS will be need for ENS, NFTs, and all Minty dapps.
NFTS may be free for people holding enough MINTS. This can be e.g. a $200 value + $200 per referral for bounties, and will help advertise the system. First marketing round in Oct 2022.

MINTS Utility & Supply

MINTS emissions are 15x slower inflation in the first 6 months than Bitcoin & Solidly (constant emissions model). Ie, Minty has a DEX like Curve, with low slippage stable pools.

Launchpad & More

Minty will launch partnered green powered NFT collections & link gamified worlds in celebration of the electricity reduction in ETH’s move to PoS. Launch target by Nov 2022.

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